$100 per team

General Information

Teams are co-ed with up to 12 players including at least two women. Each team will play one game. Games are 7 innings or one hour and 15 minutes long (whichever comes first). Teams will be designated pink or blue and will be matched up with teams of similar skill. (See skill level descriptions below.)

Just for Fun

These teams play to support the charity and have fun. They may not have much experience playing as a team. They are much more concerned with having a good time for a good cause than with the score of the game.


These teams are competitive. They play together regularly and have their plays well rehearsed. They are looking for some friendly competition while having fun and supporting a good cause.

Make Your Own

Groups who enter two teams to play against each other can make their own playing level. These teams are great for company teams (a great team bonding experience!). They are also a great fit for anyone with a large group wanting to play.


Registration for the 2022 event is closed. We look forward to seeing you at the field on June 11th!